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October, 2017

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The Benefits of Using a Profiling Bed

For people who require the use of a profiling bed it is not always about them needing around the clock care. For wheelchair users and other people who have mobility issues, having the right equipment in their home is vital and this is where a profiling bed is an extremely useful aid.  A profiling bed is so useful, that it can in fact, enhance the quality of life for many. They have the ability to be adjusted easily and therefore, their positioning and support they offer can really make a difference. Purchasing one from suppliers such as theraposture will ensure that you get the most from your profiling bed. With this in mind, what are the benefits of using a profiling bed?

Better Positioning

For those who have mobility issues and problems moving around, one of the big problems they face is pressure ulcers. If an individual is kept in the same position for a long-period of time, then these pressure ulcers can occur and become very painful and infected. The guidelines state that people should be moved around every 2-4 hours and so, it is important that these guidelines are following. Improved positioning can help to reduce the risk of pressure sores and even a visit to hospital.

Improved Circulation

Circulation is important to everyone but particularly those who have mobility issues. A profiling bed can significantly reduce the problems that people can have with circulation from remaining in the same position too long. Moving around frequently and changing position can help the flow of blood and enhance other functions within the body.

They provide a high level of security

Regardless of age, those who have mobility issues can fall out of bed easily, causing injury such as fractures and further complications. Profiling beds have side rails that form an integral part of the design and so, falls are prevented. Alongside this, they also help users to move around and get out of the bed when required.

Greater Interaction

For those users who have to spend a large amount of time in bed and are visited by carers or family, then communication can prove difficult. However, a profiling bed can make it easier for users to communicate in a more effective way and this can also help the rehabilitation process. As these beds can be operated electronically they can be positioned in such a way that it encourages conversation and better interaction with others.

Better Care

For those who do require care and assistance, a profiling bed can make life easier for the individual providing the care. An electronic profiling bed can remove the stress involved in moving a patient, especially when moving them to reduce pressure sores. Moving into another position can lead to injury for not only the user but also the caregiver and that is something that needs to be addressed.

Good Design

While profiling beds are different, they do not have to make a room feel any different. The design, look and feel will ensure that a profiling bed fits in a way that works.

Buffalo Transfer Board – The Benefits


For those individuals who have to use a wheelchair, it can often prove difficult to move from the likes of a bed and into their wheelchair easily. It requires strength and effort as well as a large amount of confidence. As with many things, there are certain items available to make life easier and a buffalo transfer board is one of those things because it can make huge different to the life and well-being of individuals.

With this in mind, how can a buffalo transfer board benefit you?

Saves on Joints and Muscles

Moving around in a wheelchair is hard work as it is and transferring to and from a wheelchair can really take its toll on muscles – the shoulders in particular. Using a board in this way, it makes it possible slide easily in and out of a wheelchair with a lot less stress and strain because it removes the need to lift your body weight.

Great Portability

The Board is extremely light and at 4mm thick and with a handle hole, it is portable. The ability to take this around with you makes life easier and anything bigger and bulkier would cause problems.

Great Stability

Using the board to move between a bed or toilet to your wheelchair requires the user to feel safe and supported. This is where stability comes into play. Having a board that is stable makes it easy to move between a bed and a wheelchair which could be at a different height. The shape of the board also helps to enhance the stability because it encourages users to be able to move in a semi-circular motion and so, it has dual support.


Wheelchair users will rely on this in every way and it is definitely an item that is needed several times a day, therefore, durability it crucial. Despite it being only 4mm thick it is durable and usable and this is helped by the fact that it is made from composite fibre. Previous boards would have been made out of wood and so, they would have been prone to chips and wear and tear.

Where can it be Purchased?

Any store that is geared up for those who have a disability will acknowledge just how important it is to stock and sell Buffalo Transfer boards. Suppliers such as Gerald Simonds sell this board as they realise just how useful and reliable it is.

Finally, the Buffalo Transfer Board is all about making it easier for those with a disability to move around. It can cause a number of problems when transferring from the wheel chair to a bed or toilet without a transfer board and so, it become an indispensable piece of equipment that is reliable in every way. Simple design, comfort, flexibility and support is exactly what wheelchair users require when it comes to transferring and so, this is what a Buffalo Transfer Board can offer. The design is clever and because it is portable, it can be taken anywhere with very little fuss.

My new Joker 2 Progeo Wheelchair & MX2 Smart Drive Push Tracker from Better Mobility

A wheelchair is an important part of my life and so, I need to make sure that I make the best, informed decisions when it comes to choosing one. There are so many things to take into consideration when choosing the wheelchair itself because it has to be perfect in every way as well as the company that I purchase from.

So, I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to take delivery of my Progeo wheelchair. The wait for the wheelchair has been worth it and it delivers on every level. This wheelchair is without a doubt the most stylish and you can instantly tell is has been designed with creativity and flair in mind. Of course, when you have a wheelchair that is mainly Italian manufactured, you know instantly that it is going to be a higher level of class and style. Therefore, I have every belief that this will become one of the most popular and highly sought after wheelchairs in Europe and the world. Wheelchair users have been waiting for a chair like this to come along and now it is here. I have every confidence  in this chair and I firmly believe that it will provide me with the comfort I need as well as the practicality and durability that is required when it comes to wheelchairs. I am not only a wheelchair user but someone who also believes in giving disabled people the ability to find what they need because it is important to get it right. My websites Disabilitychat.blog and MobilityMarketing.co.uk are aimed at enhancing the lives of those who live with a disability and so, this is something that is close to my heart and something that I take a great interest in.

Of course, what is the right wheelchair without the right service? Better Mobility have given me everything I need when it comes to the experience of purchasing from them. They understood my needs and made everything so simple. They provided me with the information I needed and they also made it easy to make the right decision by providing me with demo’s when needed. This allowed me to try different wheelchairs before making my final decision. In reality, they leave no stone unturned when it comes to their service – they are professional in every way. However, their service does not just stop after you place the order. They inform you of the status of your order at every stage and this provides complete peace of mind and then they delivered it on-time which is crucial for wheelchair users. They provide continued and on-going support after the order is delivered and this gives me the confidence I need moving forward.

From my experience of using the Progeo wheelchair & Smart Drive I have to highly recommend it. It is a fantastic product that meets my needs in every possible way and of course, the whole experience of purchasing the Progeo wheelchair from Better Mobility made the process a lot more enjoyable. They are a professional business that has the needs of its customers close to heart, something that is also proven by the wide range of products and services that they offer.

If you have used any of the services or purchased any of the products on offer from Better Mobility, then please let us know.

Accessible Holidays

Accessible Holidays

For wheelchair users, it may seem as though it is not worth the hassle to take a holiday. There may be concerns about getting around the airport, getting to the plane, having problems on the plane and even having difficulty with the chosen hotel. However, there is no need for concern because airlines and hotels around the world are now prepared to help and assist wheelchair users so they can also enjoy accessible holidays in the same way as anyone else.

It is important that the whole process of going on accessible holidays is smooth and efficient as well as comfortable for wheelchair users because a holiday should be exactly that. Of course, in the world that we live in, there are some airlines that are better than others and some hotels that are better than others but that is something that we all have to deal with. Wheelchair user-friendly hotels can be found across Europe and the USA in places such as Florida, the Canaries, Portugal, Spain and many parts of France and Italy.

When it comes to airlines whether you are travelling short-haul or long haul it is important to find out what airlines are best for you. There is assistance available to get around the airport but what do these airlines offer?

There are many short-haul airlines but Easyjet is one of the airlines that comes out on top. They will arrange for assistance so you can get to the plane and this will include getting onto the plane while they will make the flight as comfortable as possible. However, these are short-haul flights and so, many other short-haul airlines will offer something similar.

If you are planning to fly long haul then the airlines will offer a lot more. Qantas offer the complete all-round service and they will lift you in and out of your seat but Virgin seem to have everything in place and they have specially adapted toilets for long-haul flights which can make travelling a lot easier.

When it comes to finding accommodation things are a lot easier than they used to be as there are many hotels and holiday providers who cater for the needs of those who use a wheelchair. There are hotels in Cyprus, Majorca, Italy and even Florida where the hotels are specially adapted for wheelchair users. In fact, more and more hotels are not setting themselves up in this way because they understand the importance of offering their services to absolutely everyone.

So, whether you are looking for a self-catering holiday or an all-inclusive holiday at a resort with spectacular sea views then the options are out there. In fact, there are now tour providers that are specifically set up for those who have a disability. This will enable you to only browse accessible holidays and hotels that are ideal for wheelchair users, helping to save time and prevent you from booking somewhere that does not have the correct access, which could be easily done if things are not made clear.

Please email me at info@disability.blog to share any experiences (good/bad) or to discuss or suggest any topic you would like to see on my website disabilitychat.blog

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Wheelchair Fashion

For wheelchair users, it might seem like a tricky task finding the right clothes to wear but there is a fine line between wearing something comfortable and laid back to wearing something that looks relatively smart.

It is common for wheelchair users to find that certain standard clothes offer very little in the way of practicality and comfort when worn for long periods of time. When you consider that most clothes are made to wear standing up, it is easy to see why it can be tricky to find the right clothing if you are a wheelchair user.

There are going to be times where you require clothing that offers complete comfort and convenience. This can often come in the shape of a tracksuit or jogging bottoms and a hoody. However, remember that being sat down in a chair will mean that the trousers will rise up so it could be worth investing in a slightly longer pair. However, everyone is different and what is comfortable to one person might not be comfortable to someone else but jogging bottoms often work well. There are many sport shops that can provide a wide range of jogging bottoms so it could be worth heading out to try the different types plus they are affordable which is always a bonus.

If you work in an office environment then you will want to fit in and present yourself properly so you want to dress strong and smart and so, the attire you choose is important.  When looking for trouser, you will often find that opting for a trouser that doesn’t wrinkle will work while cotton will be a more preferable choice than other kinds of clothing. Jeans can be slightly trickier because of the cut so this is a case of finding something that works for your body shape and importantly you need to make sure that the seams are in the right place so you do not get pressure sores. Of course, if you want to look good, you could have them tailor made but any kind of well-known suit shop or menswear shop will help you to find something that is right for you.

From a fashion perspective, you can keep up with the best of them because it is possible to still carry a great look. T-shirts and shirts can be purchased from any other kind of store, so whether you like your designer brands such as Ralph Lauren or something more high street such as a H&M then you will have a really great pick of clothes. Again, you just have to be mindful of how certain items fit when you are in the chair and so, think of how the clothes fall when you are in your wheelchair. This will ensure that you look your absolute best.

Every outfit needs great footwear but again, this does depend on what you are doing. If you are in the house then something that provides comfort and easy wearing will do the trick but if you are wearing a suit or following a fashion trend then you can have a good pick of shoes. Of course, you will need comfort to prevent blood flow problems to the foot but a good pair of trainers or a smart pair of shoes will work wonders. Again, for your trainers, you can opt to head to a sport shop to pick them up or you can purchase them online if you know what you are looking for.

Wheelchair gloves can complement any outfit and the great thing about these is that they come in a range of styles and colours. Dressing smart then opt for a smart black leather pair but if you are trying to pull of the casual look then you can purchase them in a wide range of colours.

Being in a wheelchair does not have to mean that you have to forfeit the way in which you look and dress. There are options available that almost match that of able-bodied people, so go on, get the look you want.