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February, 2018

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How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Wheelchair


Having to use a wheelchair to continue with daily life is something that takes a bit of getting used to but over time, it is possible to lead a normal life with a bit of understanding, perseverance and patience. However, for those who do not use a wheelchair, they seem to be oblivious to the daily problems that wheelchair users face and so, the aim of this article is to highlight the issues and then provide a solution.

Problem 1

From time to time, access to buildings can prove to be a problem, especially in those buildings that are old and do not have adapted doorways or corridors. This can make heading out for meals, shopping or even visiting friends a real problem and it can turn a simple trip into one that is filled with problems.

To solve this, it is advisable to gain some prior knowledge about where you are heading. If it is a restaurant, ask them if they have adapted their doorways, which they should have but if there is still a problem, you could consider purchasing a slimmer wheelchair to help combat the potential problem and to reduce the instances where access is difficult.

Problem 2

Manual wheelchairs can really come up against it when it comes to uneven and rough terrain. In many cases, it can make it almost impossible to take certain routes if the ground is not completely flat or smooth.

To overcome this issue, it could be worth either planning ahead and ensuring you find a route that is designed for wheelchair users or even purchase a wheelchair that is designed for these kinds of surfaces.

Problem 3

Public transport can often be a problem due to the fact that buses and trains can often be a real hassle to deal with. Train conductors and bus drivers should have ramps on their buses but you might feel pressurised to either take another route or you might feel the eyes of other passengers on you as they are eager to go about their daily business.

The solution here is to ensure that all modes of transport that you plan to take have the correct accessories in place to make the journey easier but if individuals make you feel pressurised simply take as long as you need.

 Problem 4

Being in a wheelchair for hours on end can take its toll on your body. It can cause muscle cramps and skin irritation all of which can be uncomfortable.

To solve these problems, ensure that you move as much as possible, wear the right clothing but also use the right cushion to give you enough padding.

Problem 5

As you are lower down than others, it can often be the case that people simply do not see you and that can put you at risk. Whether that is on the pavement or even crossing a road, you are at risk of being hit.

Get around this problem by making yourself as visible as possible. Be vocal if you need to be but make sure that you wear the appropriate high visibility clothing where you need to.

Problem 6

There are still some people in society who think they have a right over wheelchair users but that is not the case. Therefore, you may experience some bad reactions and even receive abuse.

If this is the case, the way to deal with it is to have patience and allow them to be the ignorant individuals that they are. Ignore them and continue on with what you had planned.

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