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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Christmas


Christmas is fast approaching but there is so much to do! The wrapping, meeting up with friends and of course, the dreaded shopping. Hitting the shops at any time during December can leave you clambering for the doors and running for the hills but it does not have to be that way because this ultimate cheat sheet is designed to help you avoid the stress of Christmas if you are a wheelchair user someone with a disability

Start shopping earlier

It is the one thing that everyone says they are going to do but many never get around to it. Nobody likes a spot of last minute, rushed shopping so consider starting it earlier in the year. If you are super organised, you could even begin it in the summer. As mad as this sounds, you can pick up the odd gift her and there and so, by the time December comes around you will able to take it easy and watch as everyone else around you rushes around looking for gifts for everyone. It is a simple thing to do but one thing that can really make a difference.

Purchase your gifts online

If heading to the shops fills you with dread then fear not because you can purchase almost everything online. Online shopping is the simple way to purchase gifts for people without having to weave in and out of shoppers and clothes rails. In fact, shopping online can save you a lot of time but it can also save you money. Often, retailers will offer excellent deals online and that means you are not only avoiding the Christmas rush but you are also saving yourself some money…which you can always spend on yourself!

Think about the food shopping

Christmas is not just about the purchasing gifts for people because in the UK, we have this strange desire to purchase copious amounts of food just for one day. However, we all do it but is there a need to? Heading to the supermarket will leave you fighting your way through the fruit and veg and fighting over the Brussel sprouts, so why not do your food shopping online? All of the large supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, all offer online shopping and they will deliver it to your door at a time that suits you. No more looking for a parking space and no more stress. Order what you need and wait for the delivery man to ring your doorbell…it does not get any easier than that!

Pick the right time to shop

If you feel that you absolutely have to head to the shops to get into the spirit of things then choose the right time. Many of the supermarkets are open 24 hours, which means you can head out late at night or even in the early hours. This requires some level of commitment but it will certainly work for you because there will be less people around!

Plan ahead

For some reason, people go crazy when it comes to shopping at Christmas and many head out with no game plan, with the idea of spending hours trawling the shelves and rails. If you can plan ahead what you are buying for people you can simply head out, pick it up and head back home without spending unnecessary time in the shops. It makes perfect sense to plan ahead!

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Merry Christmas!!!