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Disabled People need to know what benefits, allowances and free entitlements are available to them!

If you live with a disability then it is important to understand what support and help is out there for you. There is no shame in claiming what is rightfully yours which means you need to know what you can claim for. There is help from the government in the shape of benefits and allowances while there are other things that you entitled to for free.
So what is available to you?
Disability Living Allowance for children and adults is there to help cover the costs of living and caring for yourself. For children under the age of 16, the rate can range from £22 to £143 while adults can claim between £22 and £83. However, the Disability Living Allowance is slowly being replaced with the Personal Independence Payment.
An Attendance Allowance can be claimed by those people who are over the age of 65 and require assistance and help. If you are unable to work there is also an Employment and Support Allowance which sits at £57.90 per week for those under 25 years of age and £73.10 for those over 25. This is known as assessment rate which is paid for 13 weeks. After this period has ended the amount increases depending on the group you are placed in which could be either the work related activity group where you get £73.10 per week or the support group where you get £109.65 per week.
In terms of travel, you are entitled to the blue badge scheme which provides you with the ability to park in disabled parking spaces and many other areas whether you are the driver or not. Depending on what you received for the Disability Living Allowance, you may be exempt from paying vehicle tax while it could be possible for you to lease a vehicle using the Motability Scheme.
There are many Local Council grants that can help towards the costs involved with having your home adapted so that you can continue to live there. This could also mean that you have a reduction in your council tax bill depending on how your home has been adapted. If you are disabled and in work with a low income you could be entitled to Income support which can be further enhanced by disability premiums which are also applicable if you are receiving Jobseekers Allowance. Depending on the disability you have, you may also be able to receive a 50% discount on your TV Licence.
It is also possible to claim for things such as a third of rail fares by purchasing a Disabled Persons Railcard at a cost of £20 per year. It is also possible to get free computers or computers at a reduced rate while some theme parks will provide tickets at a reduced price. The same can be said for theatres and cinemas.
As you can see, there is plenty of support available in the form of benefits and savings that can be made on a wide range of things. It is just a case of ensuring that you know exactly what you are entitled to