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How to Find Disabled Accessible Gyms and Sports Clubs in your Area

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For those who live with a disability, it may seem as though there are some aspects of life that pass them by. Despite this, there is still a lot that they can become a part of and of course, getting involved in sports, accessible gyms or a sports club is one of the best ways of pushing your disability to one side and being a part of something.

In years gone by, living with a disability meant that you had to miss out on so much that life had to offer. However, the world is now coming to terms with the fact that this is not an acceptable way to think. Therefore, disabled people now have the ability to become a member of a gym, join a sport club or even take part in a wide and varied range of sports.

If you are new to this kind of thing, then you may be wondering how you go about finding accessible gyms and sports clubs located in your area but there are ways to find this out.

Social Media

Social media is a hugely important way of finding out information about a wide range of things. There are online social media support groups for disabled people located around the country. This means you can firstly meet new people who live with a disability but they can also put you in touch with sports clubs and accessible gyms. In fact, you could even go as far as to say that you can even contact these gyms directly through social media to arrange your visit and to get to know more about what they offer.

Online Directories

There are no specific directories that are available online that make it easy for disabled people to find accessible gyms and sports clubs. These directories are available for all to see while it makes it possible for you to research and find out which club is right for you. These directories are constantly updated as more and more gyms and clubs become accessible for people with a disability.

Government and Local Initiatives

The government runs a number of initiatives in order to make gyms and sports clubs accessible for all. There are the likes of English Federation of Disability Sport as well as the same government bodies in Wales and England. They are all set up to make it possible for people with a disability to be a part of something that they once had very little access to. There is also the option to speak with the local council to find out just how they support this kind of thing as well as finding council run gyms that have access for people who live with a disability.

Times are changing and there is no denying that fact. More and more gyms and sports clubs are not putting the correct initiatives in place so disabled people have a way of staying active, keeping and more importantly, integrating themselves into society. There are a number of ways of finding out more about these gyms and sports clubs, such as Wheelpower.org, but there are many, many options so it seems as though the difficult part is deciding on what sport or gym to be a part of!

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