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The Benefits of Using a Profiling Bed

For people who require the use of a profiling bed it is not always about them needing around the clock care. For wheelchair users and other people who have mobility issues, having the right equipment in their home is vital and this is where a profiling bed is an extremely useful aid.  A profiling bed is so useful, that it can in fact, enhance the quality of life for many. They have the ability to be adjusted easily and therefore, their positioning and support they offer can really make a difference. Purchasing one from suppliers such as theraposture will ensure that you get the most from your profiling bed. With this in mind, what are the benefits of using a profiling bed?

Better Positioning

For those who have mobility issues and problems moving around, one of the big problems they face is pressure ulcers. If an individual is kept in the same position for a long-period of time, then these pressure ulcers can occur and become very painful and infected. The guidelines state that people should be moved around every 2-4 hours and so, it is important that these guidelines are following. Improved positioning can help to reduce the risk of pressure sores and even a visit to hospital.

Improved Circulation

Circulation is important to everyone but particularly those who have mobility issues. A profiling bed can significantly reduce the problems that people can have with circulation from remaining in the same position too long. Moving around frequently and changing position can help the flow of blood and enhance other functions within the body.

They provide a high level of security

Regardless of age, those who have mobility issues can fall out of bed easily, causing injury such as fractures and further complications. Profiling beds have side rails that form an integral part of the design and so, falls are prevented. Alongside this, they also help users to move around and get out of the bed when required.

Greater Interaction

For those users who have to spend a large amount of time in bed and are visited by carers or family, then communication can prove difficult. However, a profiling bed can make it easier for users to communicate in a more effective way and this can also help the rehabilitation process. As these beds can be operated electronically they can be positioned in such a way that it encourages conversation and better interaction with others.

Better Care

For those who do require care and assistance, a profiling bed can make life easier for the individual providing the care. An electronic profiling bed can remove the stress involved in moving a patient, especially when moving them to reduce pressure sores. Moving into another position can lead to injury for not only the user but also the caregiver and that is something that needs to be addressed.

Good Design

While profiling beds are different, they do not have to make a room feel any different. The design, look and feel will ensure that a profiling bed fits in a way that works.