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Restaurants in London and Why They Should Cater for Disabled People

Accessible London Restaurants by Disability Chat Blog

We are now living in the 21st century but that does not mean that everything has moved with the times – including how disabled people are catered for and the lack of accessible London restaurants.
The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 has been in effect for 22 years but it still feels as though things are moving at a slow pace. However, progress is being made in some ways which is always a good thing but it is not being made at the pace that people expect.

In this day and age, disabled people want to feel normal and lead normal lives in the same way as able bodied people and this is why it is important that they are made to feel that way. Technology and solutions have bridged the gap in some ways but there is more that can be done.
Disabled people should be able to travel in the same ways as able bodied people. They should be able to visit the same places and they should be able to enjoy their time in the same way. However, all of this is held back by businesses failing to cater for their needs. Once industry needs to cater for disabled people is the hospitality industry and in particular London restaurants.
Why shouldn’t disabled people enjoy a quiet meal out of an evening? Why should they be made to feel that they are more of a hindrance than a fully paying, able bodied customer? Essentially, they should be made to feel that they are just that – a fully paying customer, regardless of their disability
This highlights the importance of making sure that disabled people have the chance to lead a normal life with very minimal disruption. When it comes to a restaurant there are many things that they can do to enhance the experience for a disabled person while also helping them to feel as though they are no different to anyone else.

For London restaurants owners, it is important that they make reasonable adjustments to their restaurant in order to make them accessible and usable by disabled people. It is not a case of waiting until someone comes along to use the services because it is all about implementing a level of equality that makes it possible to dine out whenever they wish without any prior planning. Therefore, it is important for restaurants to think ahead and understand what a disabled person may need. This obviously covers a wide range of impairments such as a visual impairment, hearing impairment, a mobility impairment and a learning disability. This means that the reasonable adjustments reach further than physical access because it could mean having the right lighting, the correct text on menus and signs and a lot more.

This is more a case of ensuring that those who live with a disability are able to lead a normal life. Every restaurants in London needs to cater for those who have a disability because it is crucial to not only them but the whole of society. This is down to the fact that changing perceptions is an on-going process and one that is gradual, however, the more it is achieved the more likely it is that people will change their thoughts and the way they behave.

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