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My new Joker 2 Progeo Wheelchair & MX2 Smart Drive Push Tracker from Better Mobility

A wheelchair is an important part of my life and so, I need to make sure that I make the best, informed decisions when it comes to choosing one. There are so many things to take into consideration when choosing the wheelchair itself because it has to be perfect in every way as well as the company that I purchase from.

So, I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to take delivery of my Progeo wheelchair. The wait for the wheelchair has been worth it and it delivers on every level. This wheelchair is without a doubt the most stylish and you can instantly tell is has been designed with creativity and flair in mind. Of course, when you have a wheelchair that is mainly Italian manufactured, you know instantly that it is going to be a higher level of class and style. Therefore, I have every belief that this will become one of the most popular and highly sought after wheelchairs in Europe and the world. Wheelchair users have been waiting for a chair like this to come along and now it is here. I have every confidence  in this chair and I firmly believe that it will provide me with the comfort I need as well as the practicality and durability that is required when it comes to wheelchairs. I am not only a wheelchair user but someone who also believes in giving disabled people the ability to find what they need because it is important to get it right. My websites Disabilitychat.blog and MobilityMarketing.co.uk are aimed at enhancing the lives of those who live with a disability and so, this is something that is close to my heart and something that I take a great interest in.

Of course, what is the right wheelchair without the right service? Better Mobility have given me everything I need when it comes to the experience of purchasing from them. They understood my needs and made everything so simple. They provided me with the information I needed and they also made it easy to make the right decision by providing me with demo’s when needed. This allowed me to try different wheelchairs before making my final decision. In reality, they leave no stone unturned when it comes to their service – they are professional in every way. However, their service does not just stop after you place the order. They inform you of the status of your order at every stage and this provides complete peace of mind and then they delivered it on-time which is crucial for wheelchair users. They provide continued and on-going support after the order is delivered and this gives me the confidence I need moving forward.

From my experience of using the Progeo wheelchair & Smart Drive I have to highly recommend it. It is a fantastic product that meets my needs in every possible way and of course, the whole experience of purchasing the Progeo wheelchair from Better Mobility made the process a lot more enjoyable. They are a professional business that has the needs of its customers close to heart, something that is also proven by the wide range of products and services that they offer.

If you have used any of the services or purchased any of the products on offer from Better Mobility, then please let us know.