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Smart Drive MX2

Smart Drive MX2

Requiring the use of a wheelchair on a daily basis can take its toll on many body parts. The need to constantly push myself around left me aching and tired and so, I needed something to assist me. This is where the Smart Drive MX2 become a very useful piece of equipment for me.

Power drives are designed to assist you when using a wheelchair and there are many out there that promise to provide a solution. After searching around, I decided to go for the Smart Drive MX2 because it had a wide range of benefits that really suited my specific needs. This was all about finding something that could enhance my life and take the strain off me when I needed it. It was also about finding something that I could rely on and the Smart Drive MX2 seemed to tick every box.

The Smart Drive MX2 has taken my mobility and independence to another level because it enables me to go further while dealing with steep inclines and a wide range of different terrains such as thick carpets. This is one of the main benefits, all of which is down to its powerful motor. It can deal with ramps and pavements and it prevents me from rolling back should I need to stop on an incline – something that can prove dangerous without one.

It also provides me with the ability to customise thanks to a few tweaks that can be made to the tap sensitivity, the top speed as well as many other features. It provides me with more control than I have ever had because it comes with a wide range of modes all of which are designed to meet your level of activity and needs. This flexibility and adaptability is what made this device such an exciting prospect for me. What’s more is that it has an exceptional battery life that means it can run and run between charges giving me complete peace of mind knowing that I won’t be left short while out and about. One other main benefit is that it is very light because adding an extra weight to my wheelchair would not make sense if it were a significant weight. Therefore, even pushing my wheelchair myself is easier than I expected due to its lightweight features.

My Smart Drive MX 2 was purchased from Better Mobility. However it can also be purchased from a number of other places, such as Cyclone Mobility and Gerald-Simonds, who I feel will provide you with a personal service and should advise and guide you to make that right decision.

Of course, this is a piece of equipment that is expensive –over £4,000, but I firmly believe that this is something that is worth every penny because it has changed my life for the better. While I know the price is not for everyone, I would recommend one wholeheartedly but if you cannot afford once then I would seriously urge you to look at other methods of financing it.

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