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Buffalo Transfer Board – The Benefits


For those individuals who have to use a wheelchair, it can often prove difficult to move from the likes of a bed and into their wheelchair easily. It requires strength and effort as well as a large amount of confidence. As with many things, there are certain items available to make life easier and a buffalo transfer board is one of those things because it can make huge different to the life and well-being of individuals.

With this in mind, how can a buffalo transfer board benefit you?

Saves on Joints and Muscles

Moving around in a wheelchair is hard work as it is and transferring to and from a wheelchair can really take its toll on muscles – the shoulders in particular. Using a board in this way, it makes it possible slide easily in and out of a wheelchair with a lot less stress and strain because it removes the need to lift your body weight.

Great Portability

The Board is extremely light and at 4mm thick and with a handle hole, it is portable. The ability to take this around with you makes life easier and anything bigger and bulkier would cause problems.

Great Stability

Using the board to move between a bed or toilet to your wheelchair requires the user to feel safe and supported. This is where stability comes into play. Having a board that is stable makes it easy to move between a bed and a wheelchair which could be at a different height. The shape of the board also helps to enhance the stability because it encourages users to be able to move in a semi-circular motion and so, it has dual support.


Wheelchair users will rely on this in every way and it is definitely an item that is needed several times a day, therefore, durability it crucial. Despite it being only 4mm thick it is durable and usable and this is helped by the fact that it is made from composite fibre. Previous boards would have been made out of wood and so, they would have been prone to chips and wear and tear.

Where can it be Purchased?

Any store that is geared up for those who have a disability will acknowledge just how important it is to stock and sell Buffalo Transfer boards. Suppliers such as Gerald Simonds sell this board as they realise just how useful and reliable it is.

Finally, the Buffalo Transfer Board is all about making it easier for those with a disability to move around. It can cause a number of problems when transferring from the wheel chair to a bed or toilet without a transfer board and so, it become an indispensable piece of equipment that is reliable in every way. Simple design, comfort, flexibility and support is exactly what wheelchair users require when it comes to transferring and so, this is what a Buffalo Transfer Board can offer. The design is clever and because it is portable, it can be taken anywhere with very little fuss.