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Living, Studying and Working with a Disability

It is no hidden secret that those who live with a disability have to lead a life that is different to others. The daily life of an individual with a disability will have to involve an element of forward thinking so that they can plan their day around how they deal with their disability. This stands for the way in which they live, study and work.

Every day it takes someone who lives with a disability longer to get dressed and ready for the day which then they have to deal with getting to where they want to go. They face problems on the underground, buses and trains as they are often overcrowded which can impact not only their personal or social life but also their working life. There are still many people who are not considerate of those with a disability and they will often choose to ignore people with a disability and this in itself can cause stress and anxiety.

When it comes to study and work, both are supposed to be as accessible to those with a disability as it for those who do not have a disability. However, there is still a low number of people who have a disability who are in a job. This could be down to discrimination by employers as they may opt to employ an able bodied person before someone with a disability. Employers are supposed to adopt an equality line of thinking and so, they should see everyone as equal but that is not often the case. Education is accessible for those who have a disability as there does seem to be a lower level of discrimination in this sector but there are still challenges in terms of accessing universities and colleges for those who want to study.

Of course, the Government claims it is doing all it can to help support those who live with a disability but is it really enough? They are making progress and there is no doubt about that as they help to improve living standards by providing any assistance that may be required around the home such as ramps or installing systems that help make life easier. There is more that can be done especially where work is concerned because there are many disabled people out there who feel like they can contribute to the economy. Just because someone is living with a disability it does not mean that they are unable to work. Therefore, perhaps the government should monitor the way in which people are discriminated against when applying for jobs. It is this way of thinking that can often work against the progress that has been made up to this point.

There is no doubt that living standards have improved and disabled people do have access to education but things could be better and that is where the problem lies. Those who have a disability just want to be treated in the same way as everyone else and so, the sooner the government realise this the better.