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For wheelchair users, it may seem as though it is not worth the hassle to take a holiday. There may be concerns about getting around the airport, getting to the plane, having problems on the plane and even having difficulty with the chosen hotel. However, there is no need for concern because airlines and hotels around the world are now prepared to help and assist wheelchair users so they can also enjoy accessible holidays in the same way as anyone else.

It is important that the whole process of going on accessible holidays is smooth and efficient as well as comfortable for wheelchair users because a holiday should be exactly that. Of course, in the world that we live in, there are some airlines that are better than others and some hotels that are better than others but that is something that we all have to deal with. Wheelchair user-friendly hotels can be found across Europe and the USA in places such as Florida, the Canaries, Portugal, Spain and many parts of France and Italy.

When it comes to airlines whether you are travelling short-haul or long haul it is important to find out what airlines are best for you. There is assistance available to get around the airport but what do these airlines offer?

There are many short-haul airlines but Easyjet is one of the airlines that comes out on top. They will arrange for assistance so you can get to the plane and this will include getting onto the plane while they will make the flight as comfortable as possible. However, these are short-haul flights and so, many other short-haul airlines will offer something similar.

If you are planning to fly long haul then the airlines will offer a lot more. Qantas offer the complete all-round service and they will lift you in and out of your seat but Virgin seem to have everything in place and they have specially adapted toilets for long-haul flights which can make travelling a lot easier.

When it comes to finding accommodation things are a lot easier than they used to be as there are many hotels and holiday providers who cater for the needs of those who use a wheelchair. There are hotels in Cyprus, Majorca, Italy and even Florida where the hotels are specially adapted for wheelchair users. In fact, more and more hotels are not setting themselves up in this way because they understand the importance of offering their services to absolutely everyone.

So, whether you are looking for a self-catering holiday or an all-inclusive holiday at a resort with spectacular sea views then the options are out there. In fact, there are now tour providers that are specifically set up for those who have a disability. This will enable you to only browse accessible holidays and hotels that are ideal for wheelchair users, helping to save time and prevent you from booking somewhere that does not have the correct access, which could be easily done if things are not made clear.

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