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Travelling with a Disability- How to Prepare

If you have a disability it does not mean that you cannot travel the world. It just means that you need to prepare yourself in the right way to make disability travel a possible and enjoyable experience.

Planning is important

Many people believe that certain cities or locations are inaccessible for those with a disability but this is not always the truth. This is because the more research and planning you do, the easier it will be to make your trip even more accessible. There are actually many locations around the world that are now wheelchair friendly and this includes historical places and even Paris and Venice. The right planning will mean that you can plan routes and ways of getting around, making it easy to avoid struggling.

Book Ahead

You will require an accessible hotel and so, carrying out your research will make it possible to find the right hotel for you. If you book in advance you can also make some decent savings while also ensuring that you get their accessible room because the majority of hotels only have a few accessible rooms which get booked quickly.

Think about your route

Where are you heading? If you consider the routes you want to travel before you get there, you will have a smoother and more enjoyable experience. You will find that there are more than likely several ways of getting to the places you want to see while some routes will have ramps, smooth paths but you want to avoid those routes that have hills and even walkways. Consider bus routes, train stations and subways and even getting in and out of buildings. There is plenty of information available online about disability travel that will provide you with the info you need in advance.

Choose places that are accessible

You will need to stay in areas that are easily accessible and this can be the tricky bit when planning. While you may have found an accessible hotel what is around that hotel is equally as important. You don’t want hills or high kerbs and lots of steps wherever you turn. You might also want to consider restaurants in the vicinity to make sure that they are accessible. Google Maps and street view can help you to find out how things look in a specific area and once you have the information you need, you can then ask the hotel any specific questions you may have.

Always have a backup plan

Despite the planning and time you spend arranging your trip, you need to have a backup plan if things go wrong because it can happen. Therefore, if you consider the potential issues and prepare a way to deal with them your trip will not become a nightmare. The problems could be with travel issues or even a problem with your wheelchair. Prepare now and you won’t have to spend time dealing with it when you are away.

Most of all, have fun!

With all that planning, you are now more than ready for your trip. You have done your research, followed the advice of others who have a disability and prepared for any potential problems. Now is the time to have fun and make the most of an exciting trip where you can relax, take in the sights and experience something new.

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